Beca – Candidate Experience

Our brief from Beca was to create a campaign that enabled the consultancy and the graduate to stand out. Beca employs up to 100 graduates and up to 60 summer students nationally across a wide range of disciplines. The reality is in a crowded market, graduates are usually as good as their CV and rather than lead by professional traits, we wanted to lead the communication with what the benefits of being a Beca team member are.

We developed a video series that focused on the key triggers of travel, working with professionals, culture and other attributes.

Result – 700+ graduates applied, 300 shortlisted, 20 Beca Hiring Managers used Hirevue system to grade best responses and in 2015 Beca won the New Zealand Association of Graduate Employers (NZAGE)’s award for Best Graduate Development Programme.

Innovation Islands

On 22 September 2014 Workhere New Zealand, in partnership with the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE), launched a digital marketing campaign to attract top ICT talent out of Australia to New Zealand. The campaign highlighted New Zealand as a global leader in technology and innovation and encouraged tech experts to apply for jobs in demand here in New Zealand.

The campaign, branded as "Innovation Islands" was being supported by the government and ran from 22 September to 31 October, 2014. This joint initiative was produced by Immigration New Zealand and Workhere New Zealand with support from the New Zealand Technology Industry Association and several economic agencies.


Venture Taranaki

Taranaki has a population growth target to reach by 2035. We partnered with Venture Taranaki, the region’s economic development agency, to develop attraction strategies to reach their goal. We’ve deployed numerous campaigns that have been hugely successful, be they forging creative campaigns by leveraging off famous comics, or securing a huge PR win – the lead news story on TV3.

The loss of New Zealand talent to the Australian labour market has been hugely publicised. We fought back. The FIFO campaign aims to entice workers and their families to Taranaki, mitigating the risk of permanently losing skills from New Zealand and Taranaki. We implemented our key attraction initiatives in the Australian marketing, positioning Taranaki as a region that won’t back down when it comes to great talent.


In order to grow, Beca needed more talent. To up visibility, they needed to build their brand. The aim was to ‘own’ recruitment: take control of the story and image projected into the candidate market; no longer rely on external recruitment agencies; and involve the wider company in the hiring process.

Through video content marketing, we focused on telling their story. We scoped out the unique attributes that would attract talent to Beca and enlisted a handful of ‘storytellers’ to share, firsthand, why a career with Beca is so special.

This is an ongoing project – we’re helping establish Beca’s internal channels and pushing content into the market via various external channels.

Beca have made over 350 hires so far; agency spend is now in single figures; Hiring Managers have reported a stronger relationship with the brand; and there’s been a 30% growth in Linkedin followers in six months.


The University of Auckland

The University of Auckland wanted to recruit a large and diverse group of candidates, so we created a multi-channel media campaign for them, spanning both print and online.
‘In my role as Recruitment Manager for the FAR Programme at the University, we worked together with HainesAttract to launch the “Strive for a Better World” Recruitment Campaign for the University of Auckland. HainesAttract were responsive and offered out-of-the-box suggestions to help us deliver a very successful campaign on a short timeframe. We delivered a multi-channel approach utilising various media sources in the Auckland region to recruit 70 roles across a number of key business areas.’ – James Brown, The University of Auckland



In May of 2014, we took over management of Vodafone New Zealand’s careers page on Facebook. The aim was to grow follower numbers, reach new demographics, build a tight and reactive community, and showcase Vodafone as more than just a brand.

Working with Vodafone, we created a content schedule that incorporated more than just job opportunities, giving followers a real insight into what it’s like working at Vodafone.

With a mixture of paid and organic content, we’ve lifted follower numbers by 80% and engagement has grown steadily since we’ve been managing the page. We’ve successfully engaged with all walks of life too, whether it be graduates, school leavers, over 30’s, tech gurus, or retail junkies.


EasiYo needed to fill a number of roles including Machine Operators and Process Workers. And with expected continual growth, these roles would need to be well managed with a good talent pipeline. We loved the incredible culture at EasiYo and wanted to showcase that through video. We also successfully attracted talent via Facebook advertising as well as standard job boards.

We then stepped in with an end-to-end recruitment solution including reviewing CVs, phone screening, and candidate comms management - meaning that EasiYo had more time to run their growing business and conduct interviews. All the roles were filled with fantastic candidates!


At first, it was about making videos for recruitment. We wanted to define Deloitte’s story to help their New Zealand business really stand out. We spoke to employees and clients about what makes a ‘Deloitte person’ and there was one resounding theme: a passion for business. Now it was just a case of finding the right employees to tell the story, or so we thought… 

Deloitte’s ‘passion for business’ was cemented in what their clients had to say about them. We worked with Deloitte and their partners, from Xero to GE-OP, Contact Energy to a family run dairy farming consortium. No matter who we spoke to, we found great stories to weave into our content. We filmed across New Zealand, developing six videos to support Deloitte’s global mobility strategy, and their story continues to develop.