Recruiting staff? – Don’t let it keep you up at night!

Posted January 27, 2016

Good people are hard to find. Paul Greenaway, the new CEO of HainesAttract, isn't so sure of that anymore. In his view, for many roles, finding good candidates is the easy bit. Take a sales manager, or engineering consultant or even an academic, the ones you want are well networked, and active within those networks. Greenaway’s view is, good people are hard to engage! The web and digital landscape now mean you can find anyone, anywhere – but getting them interested in your organisation is the challenge.  “Understanding this has really helped us develop solutions to help our clients attract the right people in New Zealand and overseas”.

Over 30 years pedigree in the market

Not many businesses are in the position that HainesAttract finds themselves in when it comes to giving insight into the demand for talent in New Zealand, and the lengths New Zealand organisations have to go to engage and hire. HainesAttract is a 100% New Zealand owned recruitment services business with over 30 years pedigree in the market. End-to-end services are provided collaboratively under the HainesAttract, Workhere and Round Peg brands. Partnering with Round Peg, a specialist recruitment business which has always operated primarily under its clients’ brands, provides a flexible, unbundled service. An extension of candidate marketing services to include a candidate management offer.
“What we're seeing is many medium sized businesses that have on-again off-again recruitment needs, and they're shying away from outsourcing the whole process, and looking to take some control of the process and brand communication themselves. This means we're able to help them scope out who they need, and then where and how we will market to them. We can manage the application process, screening the late night phones calls to overseas talent right through to the offer stage.” Greenaway adds, “It's a really interesting part of the job, seeing our teams out at a yoghurt exporter one week to hire local manufacturing talent, helping to hire expat engineers out of Dubai the next, or running an online event and webinar to engage technology talent”.

We tell your story, not ours

HainesAttract look at recruitment and attraction through a marketing and brand led approach. That means going to market for talent under their client’s brand story, not their own. “We tell your story, not ours - that's what the market wants to hear.” Greenaway is clear about where those stories need to come from, too. Potential candidates want to engage with existing staff – a fact that has seen a growing demand for video content and storytelling from HainesAttract’s clients. Most content features staff from clients’ organisations being themselves, telling their stories and genuinely endorsing the employer brand. There is greater comfort around using social channels to promote content and the key job platforms, Trade Me Jobs and Seek, report that roles featuring video can see a 20% plus increase in applications.
Another area of focus for the business is in ensuring New Zealand has the talent to grow. In 2012 they launched - a specialist collaborative site used by New Zealand based companies to attract overseas talent. During the GFC HainesAttract were placing less job communication domestically in the market, but still had large volumes of media placements overseas, as clients looked for skilled talent. “We saw an opportunity to build a "shop window", so to speak, for New Zealand as a place to live and work.” Greenaway adds, “We have some great partners such as Immigration New Zealand, and collaborative clients who understood that gap, especially in the Engineering and Technology sectors where overseas talent is the key to growth. We're seeing massive growth in talent looking to work here in New Zealand, and believe New Zealand employers are maturing their appetite to hire from off-shore.”

Engage candidates with real stories 

The team at HainesAttract understand that whether you’re hiring from overseas or locally, a job application is a big ticket purchase. It’s something that a good candidate will give real focus to throughout the attraction, engagement and selection process. If any of those elements are flawed you’ll miss out on the best candidates - it really warrants sitting down and looking at the talent you need, where to find them, and then investing in how to engage candidates with real stories and a robust, candidate centric selection process. Getting that right, with the right supplier partnership in place, should help you sleep at night!