May 25, 2016

When I think about employer branding I define it as being yourself and giving people insight about how you work as a business internally and externally. It is about marketing the company and culture to people in a positive manner by being transparent about who an organisation is so that people can understand if it is a good fit for them. In most instances you will find that there is a strong emphasis on company values and one of the things I love about Assurity’s culture is that, company values aren’t just something you find plastered on the wall, it is something that is done in practice.

In my role as In-house Recruitment Consultant, one of my responsibilities is to engage candidates locally and internationally by helping them gain a better understanding of Assurity. This is achieved through our people as well as more formalised channels. For instance, we have a premium profile on Workhere where you find videos of our people talking about their roles and we have a Graduate Programme championed by our people as they openly discuss how we have aided their career journey. Additionally, our people attend meetups, speak at conferences and write blog posts. We have an informal policy or unwritten rule whereby anyone in the company can write a blog post if they have an idea. Externally, as people appeal to people, when candidates notice that our people have a voice that is listened to, it appeals to them as most people want to be a part of a company they are actively engaged in. Essentially our people are our thought leaders who are the equivalent of brand ambassadors. Internally, this active involvement results in fresh and new ideas, as everyone is engaged and part of the organisation.

Communicating the reality of what it is like to be part of the Assurity family has been made relatively easy by video. As a tool for recruitment, video is a lot more engaging if it is done right. This means making sure that it isn’t too long so you can hold the audience’s attention and making sure it isn’t overly sleek or scrappy so that candidates don’t feel like they are watching a big budget movie. What our focus is on, is delivering meaningful content for candidates. Earlier this year we travelled to Lake Tekapo for our annual conference and while we worked, we also made sure we made some time for fun. We released a video that focused on the team engagement element to showcase what it is like to be part of the Assurity family. I genuinely believe that candidates want to know what it’s really like to work with us with no misleading expectations.

As we are experiencing growth in the technology sector, we are embarking on a journey that other countries have been through. Having the ability to share what the company is doing is important as it allows us to target individuals who are passionate about not only starting a life in New Zealand but about sharing their knowledge and technical expertise with their peers. As far as employer branding goes, the combination of videos and our people sharing their stories has made us an easy to understand and approach company.

Aron Chantelau
In-house Recruitment Consultant