May 25, 2016

Sue Glover – Group Resourcing Manager at Beca, shares her view on story telling in recruitment

Where did the need for story telling start

In 2011 I was working as Director for Engineering Recruiters, I was working closely with Beca, and overtime I developed a relationship with the consultancy that evolved.
That was the year Christchurch was hit by the earthquakes and Beca required 50 engineers ranging from structural, technical and civil engineers. We had to look overseas for this talent, and quick. I remember we shared our strategy with HainesAttract, they saw the effort we’d gone to with relocation, housing new hires, and moving talent from the UK and Ireland. And in HainesAttract’s view we’d created everything that overseas talent would need. The summed it up in a simple campaign. “At Beca we’ve dotted the I’s so all you have to do is cross the seas”

The Power of Content

We successfully recruited 50 engineers and I can attribute it to a combination of storytelling, showcasing our people and work. Back then we had story boards, and images of how Christchurch looked in terms of schools that were open, places to live, and anything that would give families assurance that there was a functioning city. The people and Images we profiled built a level of comfort and a created connection. And were the start of our content lead approach to recruitment marketing.

How Video took our story to the next level

We had always known engineers are attracted to projects. But what become apparent is people attract people. So we partnered with HainesAttract again to create and produce video content. Getting the gurus in our business to share their journey and story about their career. On a project and personal level. For example, we’ve filmed in airports, in our staffs homes!  Showed and told stories of how they relocated to New Zealand, and had their first child, we have even followed one of the team running through the port hills of Christchurch. We always are looking to create the one on one connection.
How Video Content builds an emotional connection
We recently hired a highly specialised role leading the airports team. We’d learnt that projects and people were crucial elements in engaging talent. But this hire really brought to the front the value this extra effort makes.

Our recent hire had informed us that he had multiple offers, which is the case at this level of talent in a global market, there is difference in work, difference in pay, and difference in the people you work with at this level. I continued to talk to him and I shared with him some of the recent content we had created in Melbourne Airport with our team, showing our people and hearing their stories.
It created the final connection. For him, as he said - watching the videos meant he already felt like he was part of the team as he was able to have a good understanding of the culture and of our people. For us he was already in, and understood our culture and had meet the team he would work with

Parting words?

People attract people. And everybody has a story to tell.