Ministry of Justice

May 25, 2016
Having worked as a Hiring Manager in recruitment for the last seven years, I can certainly say things in the industry have changed in the last five years. I would attribute the transformation to technology and during my time at the Ministry of Justice our focus has been on finding a way of improving the perception that candidates have about the organisation. Yearly we advertise for 500 roles ranging from Court Registry Officer, Court Security Officers, Collections Staff and corporate functions such as IT, Human Resources, Finance and Communications. On staff we have about 3,500 Court House Judges and as a large government agency we don’t just serve criminal law, our core function is to create a fairer and safer New Zealand where everyone has a chance to be judged and treated fairly.

As the industry has transformed so has our approach, we are much more open to innovation with a focus on the customer experience and not on the mechanics of the legal system. Due to that transformation, our goal with improving the perception of the organisation has been two fold. One is to ensure that everyone is treated well as most of the time when we engage with them they are not in a very good space therefore it has been about giving that story that we are changing and we are more focused on you. Secondly, it has been about showing current and potential staff that we are investing in making you feel good about working for justice.

For the last ten months we have upped our game and now have a LinkedIn presence, we are refreshing our Career’s pages, have an active YouTube channel and a premium profile on Workhere. Everyone has been excited about the Workhere profile as it looks fresh, clean and contemporary. In addition to that we are not just placed next to other government agencies but with companies in the private sector. Having a premium profile has enabled us to have collateral such as video that we can use elsewhere as a showpiece.

They say a picture tells a thousand words, with a moving picture I don’t know how many words it tells but it certainly gives it more flavour. With the video collateral, we have made elements of the clips part of the induction programme so new staff can get a sense of the people who they will be working with. Using video has been different, new and positive for the organisation; while it has been an effective recruitment tool, I don’t think it can exist independently. Combining the visual, the oral and the written and using different channels has meant we can address the differing needs of audiences. It all comes down to accessibility – giving those that interact with the organisation the opportunity to do so in a way that works for them.

As the recruitment industry continues to evolve we are on the journey of educating and training our hiring managers about what’s available to use. For us it is about keeping up with the demands and trends in the industry as well as placing ourselves in the space of a candidate. By understanding the process from a candidate’s perspective we move closer and closer to being candidate focused and demonstrating our investment in those that want to work for justice.

Shelley Tyson
Strategic Recruitment Specialist