Ventia are one of the largest Australasian service providers for operation, maintenance and management of critical public and private assets and infrastructure. They were having trouble cutting through the tough market and needed our media expertise to do it.

  • Media campaign

Ventia had already been utilising various common methods of advertising themselves, but in this current market unfortunately, it just wasn't enough. They had numerous contracts available throughout the North Island, but with loads of competition in the construction space, they were finding it very difficult to reach potential candidates. Although a well-known company across Australia, they were yet to become a household name in New Zealand which meant candidates were not actively seeking out their vacancies. It was our task to help Ventia build brand awareness and help them to reach the right people for the job.


We started with a focus on their crew for Transmission Gully and a campaign targeting their ideal audience in the places they spend the most time. This included radio spots during key shift hours, print adverts for during lunch breaks, and flyer drops for when they got home. In the advertisements we gave candidates the ability to text a number to apply for the vacancy, therefore removing the task of navigating their large careers site. Ventia received a great response from this campaign and were surprised that these traditional methods of advertising were still in use and effective!

Following on from the success of this approach, we have continued to work with them on a variety of campaigns for their crews around the country, tailoring their media channels to suit each location, audience and role type. We were able to give insights into what papers and radios were best utilised in each area, as well as handle local level advertising that they otherwise would not have been able to do themselves. These campaigns all had a great response and started to give Ventia the brand awareness that they needed, illustrating that the use of just one media campaign can make all the difference.