Foodstuffs NZ

Foodies Day and Night

Foodstuffs is better known to audiences as their supermarket brands; New World, Pak’nSave and Four Square, and while Foodstuffs’ shopper brands focus on engaging different audiences, therefore being distinguishable from one another, for the people inside Foodstuffs it was important that they felt part of one, unified Foodstuffs family. So everybody that works for Foodstuffs become Foodies rather than an employee, fostering a culture of inclusiveness and opportunity. Foodies live by the mantra; Love food. Know food. Share food.



The World’s Best Office

Delta is an infrastructure company that needs to attract international talent to make up a shortfall here. And what’s the best card Delta can play in attracting talent from overseas? The fact that it’s based in the spectacular South Island. But on its own, this wouldn’t be enough. Given that most of the new recruits would be working outside, we decided that by coming to Delta, they would have The World’s Best Office.




They put me into aged care!

Compass provide services to a wide variety of industries, including; healthcare, education, defence, and offshore and remote locations, and they were looking to make noise in the hospitality industry with a fresh approach to hiring chefs. As a chef for Compass you could end up in a school, on an oil rig, at a zoo or even in a prison – it’s surprising where your career can go with Compass, both physically and figuratively. Working with Compass’ in-house team, we captured this element of surprise through photography and a unique take on video to create a consistent message that Compass could use to attract chefs.



Gough Make it Work For You

The only authorised Caterpillar (CAT) dealer in New Zealand is hungry for talent – especially heavy diesel technicians. Gough recruits and trains apprentices, but the supply can’t keep up with demand, and the company has to look off-shore for talent. So, where can the right, affordable talent be found? Africa. In Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya, there are CAT diesel technicians with the right experience and skills. And surely the opportunity to live and work in New Zealand would be a dream come true for many of them.



Life in a day

Connetics is another infrastructure company facing shortfalls in domestic talent. In order to attract international talent we had to look at what Connetics can offer that international competitors can’t - which is more life in a day. At Connetics, employees get exposed to a great work life balance, they have more time to spend with loved ones and where better to spend that time than beautiful NZ? Isn’t it time candidates traded in another day in the life for more life in a day?



Fletcher SwitchUp their approach to youth

Youth unemployment is a growing concern for businesses and the broader community across New Zealand. Fletcher Building recognises the large number of youth in New Zealand who want to work but are finding entry into the workforce difficult and aims to open up a wide range of potential careers to the young people of New Zealand. With the intention of helping young people transition from school or unemployment into the workforce, we teamed up with Fletcher Building to create the game-changing platform - SwitchUp - designed to engage New Zealand’s youth by leveraging technology and rich video content to streamline the career pathway and application process.




Attracting a world of IT talent to Wellington

LookSee Wellington had three main objectives; to fill recognised skill shortages in the tech and innovation sector with global talent, to position Wellington as a global innovation hub, and to create a campaign with global coverage about the opportunity Wellington has to offer. To achieve this we collaborated with Wellington City Council, WREDA, Immigration New Zealand, and 20+ employers who were in need of IT talent. The campaign received over 48,000 full submissions from around the globe and 93 candidates attended LookSee Week, where they had interviews with our employers and were able to get a taste of the lifestyle Wellington has to offer. Beyond LookSee Week, we are left with a rich database of candidates and we continue to make placements and bring new initiatives to light to make that database a real community.



The opportunity of a lifetime

The construction sector in New Zealand is booming but also struggling under the weight of severe talent shortages. Underpinned by a chronic housing shortage, endless infrastructure needs, a re-generation of Christchurch and looming events such as America’s Cup – the demand for world-class construction professionals has never been greater, many of whom need to come from offshore. Launched in October 2017, there are currently 38 companies participating (and growing), over 16,000 applications have been received and a number of LookSee Weeks held to date. A LookSee Build N.Z. week involves interviews, five seminars ranging from life in Auckland to Education in NZ, networking events and some quintessential New Zealand tourist experiences.